A Breather (2024)

“A Breather” is a kinetic sculpture made with a tree, resembling the shape and movement of a lung. With its inverted body and expanding and contracting branches, the work aims to amplify what connects humans to trees: breath. A linear actuator, salvaged from an old hospital bed, is used to move the sculpture and give the tree an artificial life in a hospital.

The sculpture was produced in collaboration with artist Gökay Atabek a.k.a. Volksamt! at Stichting De Besturing. 

“A Breather” is permanently on display in the foyer of IJsselland Ziekenhuis in Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands. 


linear actuator

dimensions (cm): 600 x 400 x 700

Try out at De Besturing

Render in building (made by Nils Gunnars)