Werner van der Zwan 

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Current/Future events:

The Muttering Void
Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Unconventional Self 
Meta.Morf 2024 - [up]LOADED BODIES
Trondheim, Norway

A Breather
IJsselland Ziekenhuis 
Capelle a/d IJssel

part of V2_ Lab for Unstable Media XR Research Cluster

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Werner van der Zwan is a Dutch artist living and working in Rotterdam.

He mainly makes kinetic installations and sculptures made from discarded objects and other things that roam the streets. By incorporating electric motors and other electronics, he transforms objects into moving bodies, giving them a degree of autonomy.

With his practice, he tries to blur the line between subject and object and to make this grey zone tangible. In performances and installations, these stray objects are given a last breath, expressing their distinct character.