Werkstatt is a socio-cultural space in the west of Kassel that originates as a continuation on the work of Joseph Beuys. In 1977, during documenta VI, Joseph Beuys presented an installation called  ‘Honeypump at the Workplace’. It was installed around the staircase of the Firdericianum Museum and consisted of a series of tubes running into reooms adjacent to the staircase through which two tons of liquid honey was pumped by a motor. People from all sides of life, politicians, scientists, workers and artists  gathered in the building like bees and an hive to share their knowledge an coverse. To continue this meeting, Werkstatt was formed afterwards. 

During a period of a week artists from Rotterdam, namely Wolf Engelen, Jip van der Hek, Sachia Pereira Stolle, Fleur Wortman and Werner van der Zwan became residents at Werkstatt to see how they can create a dialogue between their own workspace, Werkstatt and it’s environment. The last weekend socio-cultural workplaces in Rotterdam came to Werkstatt and documenta XV.