This Must Be The Place (film)

We all miss the places where we can come together. But how must these places feel? Set on the now-empty Erasmus University campus, This Must Be The Place is a short film that rediscovers a place’s meaning through diverse artistic interventions.

A project by Erik Vermunt, Yannick van Wijk and Cinzia Kaufmann

Lisa Velema - visual artist (projections)
Werner van der Zwan - visual artist (chairs)
Florieke de Geus - spoken word
Mathieu Polak - carillonneur & composer
Anna Bentivegna - dancer
Hans Vermunt - dancer
Yoko Haveman - dancer
Erik Vermunt - direction & editing
Gijs Wilbers - camera
Yannick van Wijk - sound
Ruben Hamelink - grading
Karolina Szewczyk - drone