Past events/exhibitions 

Tuning In
with Luke Deane
Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend 2022
IJzerblok (Coloniastraat 34) 
Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Ich Stecke Fest 
with Louis van der Waal 
12th of September 2022
Kassel, Germany

with Davids Danoss
Vibrating floor design made as part of R.I.O.T. Track
30th of August -  4th of September 2022
Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburgplein 
Rotterdam, Netherlands 

with Donatas Tretjakovas
Time is the New Space, Rotterdam
12th of August - 16th of September 2022

Tuning In, 2022
with Luke Deane
Part of Wild Summer of Art part II 
Brutus, Rotterdam 
6 th of August - 4th of September 2022

Heen en Weer Robot, 2022
with Precy Numbi
TENT, Rotterdam 
13th of July - 24th of August 2022

BenKult: Süket Szamár, 2022
part of Shadow Party 2022  
Twitch (online) 
10 - 12th of June 2022

Tuning In, 2022
with Luke Deane 
Part of Sounding Here
Batavierhuis, Rotterdam 
4th of June 2022

Unconventional Self, 2022
UBIK, Rotterdam
19th of April 2022

Pondering the Knuckles & Trash Talk, 2022
Hilton Art Lab, Rotterdam 
11 - 19th of March 2022

The Plunge of the Galloper, 2022
with Lore Pilzecker
part of Light Switch
Kapsalon “Jorika”, Rotterdam
24th of Januari -  4th of Februari 2022

Unconventional Self, 2022
with Charl Linssen
V2 Winter Sessions Residency
V2, Rotterdam
24th of Januari - 28th of Januari 2022

BenKult: Süket Szamár, 2022
video clip, part of PERIOD,
organised by Henrietta Müller
27th of December 2021

Trash Talk, 2021
Part of ‘Wrong Side Out’
Roodkapje, Rotterdam
18 - 19th of December 2021

Striving to descend, 2021
Part of the Schoppen en Graven exhibition
IJzerblok, Rotterdam 
16 - 21th of November 2021

Striving to be fed the piece, 2021
part of Füzz
Cultuurlab, Delft
30th of October

Stretching the legs, 2021
Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend 2021
IJzerblok, Rotterdam
25 - 26th of September 2021

Drafting the staircase, 2021
Open Studios Borgerstraat 21
2 - 4th of July 2021

Life Coaching for the Inanimate (installation), 2021
The New Current, Rotterdam
2 - 4th of July 2021

Pondering the knuckles, 2021
part of Urschleim 
Galerie de Maaskoe
10th of June - 11th of July, 2021

This Must Be The Place (film), 2021
Erasmus University Rotterdam
1th of April, 2021

Life Coaching for the Inanimate (installation), 2021
31th of March -  11th of April, 2021 

Bumping into memories, 2020
part of Window Shopper
Check In/Out, Hilton Art Lab
17 - 18th of October, 2020

Lost in a one way space, 2020
...ism project space
25 - 27th of September, 2020

Life coaching for the Inanimate (theatre piece), 2020
MINT NEST residency, UBIK Rotterdam
5th of September, 2020

Life Coaching for the Inanimate (theatre piece), 2020 - graduation work 
UBIK Rotterdam
14th of June, 2020

Branches with a face, 2019
K’Arts University, Seoul 
6th of June, 2019

Pictures, 2018
xndudprojection, Seoul 
29th of Februari, 2019

dichtbij dingen, 2018
SWITCH, Roodkapje Rotterdam
25th of Januari, 2018

dilute(film), 2017
Koningsplein 11, Tilburg 
18th of October - 29th of November, 2017