Benkult: Süket Szamar (2021)
(video production)

Süket Szamar, translated as “deaf donkey”, is a track created during the Sound Residency at WORM Rotterdam organised by Henrietta Müller (BenKult). In 2021, I complemented this track wiht a video clip designed using TouchDesigner. The visual narrative unfolds in what happens to be an infinte desert, where donkeys traverse the landscape.

To breath life into the scnee, I employed the following technique: filtering various frequencies in the sound and liking them to parameters that manipulated the 3D models of the donkeys and the background. This dynamic process gives the impression that the sound itself is animating the lives of the donkeys portrayed in the video. 

Süket Szamar was shown at:

Shadow Party 2022  
10.06.2022 - 12.06.2022
Twitch (online)